Mondmasker, Podopro Cambridge mask (zwart) maat L

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Cambridge face masks

Cambridge Pro

Cambridge Pro N99 rating guarantees consistent filtering of more than 99% of particulate pollution, including Particulate
matter 10, 2.5 and 0.3. Conforms to FFP2. Manufactured from woven carbon cloth developed by the UK’s Ministry of Defence against chemical, nuclear and biological hazards, it provides highly effective protection against nail dust including that of fungal nails and noxious substances such as phenol used in nail surgery and adhesives in the manufacture of orthotic devices.


Impregnated with silver enhancing it’s anti-viral properties as well as neutralizing bacteria.

The Pro has a life span of up to 300 hours usage and is hand washable allowing removal of any dust particles on the exterior of the mask.

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Mondmasker met filter en uitwasbaar te gebruiken tot wel 300 uur.

In de verpakking zitten extra oorlussen en een hoofdstrip.

Mondmasker, FFP2, tot 300 uren te gebruiken, wasbaar, beschermt tegen virussen en stof

N.B. dit betreft een hygiëne product en is niet te ruilen/retourneren.

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Mondmasker met filter en uitwasbaar-beauty-pedicure-groothandel-pedimed
Mondmasker, Podopro Cambridge mask (zwart) maat L

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